Rent a Laptop

Upgrade your Hardware for Business or Events Instantly with Laptop Rentals…Whether your business is expanding its workforce or you’re organizing a training or corporate event, laptop rentals are the smart way to quickly put cutting edge technology into the hands of your employees! You can rent laptops instead of purchasing the equipment and software for your temporary needs.


Rent an iPad

Renting iPads for meetings and short-term projects is becoming a common occurrence and for good reason. The power of the iPad combined with the right App can make your next project a success by providing a more engaging and efficient way to be productive. Why Rent iPads? iPads are quickly enhancing the way people work by increasing their flexibility, mobility and productivity. Renting iPads makes


Rent a Display

When it comes to renting large format LED backlit LCD, LCD, Plasma displays and Video walls, touch screen display(17” – 42” – 55”), think NO OTHER than ECR RENTAL. ECR not only carries the largest and broadest rental inventory of LED, LCD and plasma monitors, Rentfusion also has the most experienced and qualified staff on site at each national trade show to ensure that your event goes flawless.



ECR Computer specializes in providing short term hardware rentals to businesses, but we take our services a step further. We make it easier than ever to get event technology for companies appearing at tradeshows, conferences, conventions, training courses, and other events.

Our goal is simple – we help your business create a powerful presence with cutting edge audio/visual technology. ECR offers event tech rental bundles that make it affordable and convenient for your business to get the complete technology solution that’s right for you.

What hardware is available for events?

ECR entire rental inventory is available for event needs. Popular choices for our clients include:
•HD monitors
•iPads, charging stations, security cables, and kiosks
•Touch screen displays
•Projectors, cables and accessories

What can the right event technology do for your business?

Corporate events and business meetings are some of the most effective ways to build your audience and customer base. Making a good impression at these events can help you generate leads, network, and close deals.

Having the right event technology can make your presence professional, effective, and high-functioning. Using tablets to register guests, sign them up for a mailing list, or give customers the ability to buy your products on the spot at the event sets your business apart from the competition. High definition displays and video walls are the perfect opportunity to display your brand, products, and company culture not only to your attendees, but to event goers across the room!

Our partnerships with leading brands such as Lenovo, HP and others allows us to provide our stellar customers with the latest and greatest event technology without the hassle of transportation, storage, setup and teardown. ECR’s rental inventory gives you the flexibility and freedom you need to create an unforgettable event presence. Our team is on call to help you with all of your event technology needs! Contact Mail: