Laptop Rental in TURKEY

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Upgrade your Hardware for Business or Events Instantly with Laptop Rentals…

Whether your business is expanding its workforce or you’re organizing a training or corporate event, laptop rentals are the smart way to quickly put cutting edge technology into the hands of your employees! You can rent laptops instead of purchasing the equipment and software for your temporary needs.

Rent Laptops for technology when and where you need it.

Rent laptop units in any setup. In addition to our standard laptop rental configurations, our experienced technical team can customize a laptop rental or MacBook Pro rental with additional RAM, video memory, and high speed processors.

Laptop Rental Products Available:

•Apple MacBook Pro i5, i7 (15”, 17”)

•HP Hight Class Notebook i5, i7 (15”, 17”)

•Dell , i3(15”)

Touch Screen Rental in TURKEY

touchscreen rental turkey
Touch Screen Monitor and Display Rentals
Touch Screen Monitors puts Information at their Fingertips!
Keep your event attendees informed, engaged, and involved with a LCD touch screen monitor. Renting a touch screen monitor is one of the best ways to enhance your meeting, corporate event, or tradeshow display by adding the dimension of interaction on top of standard LCD or Plasma displays.
Increase Interaction with a Touch Screen Display Rental
ECR Rentals has the touch screen display rental you want in the size you need, available for immediate shipment through our nationwide distribution network. A touch screen LCD monitor is simply the most effective method for providing company material and resources, capturing lead information, or presenting an interactive demo at your next corporate event. Touch screen display monitors will connect your audience with the applications, programs, and goals of your business!
Attendees, visitors, and potential clients interact with a touch screen display monitors in a unique way as they enter contact information, download documents and other collateral, or browse through information at their own pace.
Let us put a touch screen monitor rental into action for your company’s digital signage, surveying, testing, training, digital kiosks, digital document libraries, or demonstrations. ECR Rentals will work with you to create applications and programs that turn your touch screen into an information extravaganza.
With over 2 years of experience and offices across the TURKEY, you can trust ECR Rentals to assist you with a large selection of touch screen or display rentals your company may need. Our experienced technicians and reps will support you from the planning phase all the way through delivery, setup and breakdown.
Request a quote or contact us today to learn more about our products, services, and how we can help make your upcoming event nothing short of exceptional.

Macbook, Laptop Rentals in TURKEY

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Are you faced with a sales force that needs laptop rental computers in the TURKEY ? Do you need to rent hundreds of laptops that are all the same manufacturer model number? Maybe you need to rent a laptop for a contract employee, for training, a software rollout or other project. If so, we offer the option of a short-term rental, a laptop lease or a rent-to-own laptop.

ECR Computer Rentals, as one of the nation’s largest rental companies, can deliver the laptop rentals you need, whether it’s as simple as a computer rental, a notebook lease or renting a tablet PC. We can configure the equipment to your specifications, delivered and setup the same day or overnight.

Rent laptops – From the latest brand name equipment including HP, Lenovo, IBM, Dell and Apple. Laptop rent – your key to success!

Moreover,in all TURKEY…

Event Computer Rental

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I.T Products Rental Expertise

Event Computer Rental, our mission is to provide short or long term rental and to increase sales by developing customer confidence, trust and loyalty. Our quality, timely response, consultative approach and unsurpassed flexibility in meeting our customers’ needs are the foundation upon which we are expanding our business.

Event Computer Rental operations are headquartered in Istanbul, Antalya and Izmir with established facilities in major regions across the Turkey. Locating equipment and personnel in decentralized locations allows us to provide better service to all of our clients regardless of geographical location.

ECR buys, rents and sells equipment and parts from technology manufacturers that include HP, Dell, Lenovo, IBM, Apple and Samsung. This extensive equipment offering is made possible through the Company’s authorized reseller status with tier one manufacturers.

As a last word, it’s the dedication, professionalism and technical expertise of our people that have made us so successful. When you work with us you can be assured that your success is our primary objective. We truly care about our customers and that’s why they keep coming back to us.

Moreover,in all TURKEY…